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Magnifier LFM Medical

Examination- and treatment lamp with little generation of heat and a multifunctional, robust construction. With several safety elements for patient treatment incl. tension protection on the primary side. Certified as medical tool acc. to IEC 606011 and IEC 6060112 for medical fields of application.
  • Lamp head made of impact resistant polymer.
  • 22 W compact ring fluorescent lamp: high light efficiency with little generation of heat.
  • Glass lense is positioned in centre, Ø 125 mm, no formation of shades.
  • Cover with hinge for dust protection, avoids a focussing of sunlight (can be removed when needed).
  • Clear prismatic cover for lamp protection, made of massive polycarbonate.
Technical Data:
Weight:3.4 kg
Arm length:1040 mm
Magnification:175 %
LUXO  Magnifier LFM Medical
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Magnifier LFM Medical15705064-on demand 
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