Nutrient Media

Liquid and solid.
Nutrient Media  Sartorius
TypeDescriptionDetermination /
PackPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
14144-Anutrient agar acc. DEVcolony countbottles of 250 ml45055061-1,353.00Order
14137-Knutrient agar acc. DEVcolony counttubes of 20 ml505055051-1,634.00Order
14131-Kstandard agarcolony counttubes of 20 ml505055052-2,076.00Order
14157-AWort agaryeasts and mouldsbottles of 250 ml45055063-1,306.00Order
14138-KWort agaryeasts and mouldstubes of 20 ml505055053-1,594.00Order
14148-AVLB-S7-S agarPediococci + lactobacillibottles of 250 ml45055067-2,036.00Order
14127-KVL-S7-S bouillonPediococci + lactobacillitubes of 20 ml505055056-2,652.00Order
14130-Korange serum agaracidotolerant microbestubes of 20 ml505055057-1,888.00Order
14155-Alactose bouillon, double concentratedE. coli and coliforms enterobacteriabottles of 250 ml45055041-525.00Order