Microlitre Syringes, Series 1700 / 1000

With fixed needle. With Teflon® plunger seal. Gastight. Needle length 51 mm. Needles are electro-tapered. Spare plunger available.
TypeBevel typePUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
101701 N2 (12°)15221448-on demand 
251702 N2 (12°)15221449-on demand 
501705 N2 (12°)15221450-on demand 
1001710 N2 (12°)15221455-on demand 
1001710 N3 (90°)15421473-on demand 
2501725 LTN2 (12°)15221460-on demand 
5001750 LTN2 (12°)15221465-on demand 
10001001 LTN2 (12°)15221470-on demand 
10001001 LTSN5 (side hole)15221474-on demand 
25001002 LTN2 (12°)15221475-on demand 
50001005 LTN2 (12°)15221480-on demand 
100001010 LTN2 (12°)15221485-on demand