Roller Bottles

  • Made of pure PS.
  • Treated for optimal cell attachment.
  • One piece seamless construction.
  • Printed graduations (except Order No. CORN430195).
  • All bottles have printed lot numbers to aid in product traceability.
  • Sterilised by gamma radiation.
  • Certified nonpyrogenic.
  • Ribbed design provides twice the surface area (only Order No. CORN431134).
  • Corning® CellBIND® Surface* increases surface wettability for more even and consistent cell attachment.
Corning®  Roller Bottles
Corning®  Roller BottlesCorning®  Roller Bottles    
ClosureQty. /
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
490plug seal240CORN430195-3,914.00Order
850Easy Grip240CORN430849-4,646.00Order
850Easy Grip240CORN3907-9,808.00Order
850Easy Grip vent cap240CORN431329-10,270.00Order
850Easy Grip vent cap240CORN4311985 5,400.00Order
850Easy Grip540CORN4308518 4,646.00Order
850Easy Grip2020CORN431133-3,003.00Order
850Easy Grip2244CORN431344-9,916.00Order
1700Easy Grip2020CORN431134-9,750.00Order
1750Easy Grip1020CORN430699-5,730.00Order
* Only Order No. CORN431134, CORN3907 to CORN431344.