Cell Culture Dishes

  • Ultra Low Attachment* dishes feature a covalently bound hydrogel layer that minimises cell attachment, protein absorption and cellular activation.
  • 245 mm square dishes offer 500 cm2 growth surface.
  • Made of optically-clear virgin PS.
  • Sterilised by gamma radiation.
  • Certified nonpyrogenic.
  • With stacking beads to aid in handling.
  • Supplied with vents to provide consistent gas exchange.
Corning®  Cell Culture Dishes
PackPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Ø 358of 20 pcs.500CORN4301651 3,080.00Order
Ø 60 with 2 mm grid21of 20 pcs.500CORN430196-3,747.00Order
Ø 6021of 20 pcs.500CORN4301661 3,368.00Order
Ø 6021of 5 pcs.20CORN3261-6,264.00Order
Ø 10055of 5 pcs.20CORN32621 7,463.00Order
Ø 10055of 10 pcs.480CORN430293-4,922.00Order
Ø 10055of 20 pcs.500CORN4301674 5,042.00Order
Ø 150148of 5 pcs.60CORN430599-2,493.00Order
Ø 245 (inner surface 224 x 224)500of 4 pcs.16CORN4311104 2,592.00Order
* Only Order No. CORN3261 and CORN3262.