Infrared Thermometer with Circle Laser SCANTEMP 450

  • Non-contact measurement with laser and backlight.
  • With input for thermocouple probes type K.
  • Large display area: simultaneous display of measured value and Max / Min or Alarm.
  • Measures the surface temperature.
  • HOLD-, MAX-, MIN-, DIF-, AVG-function.
  • Adjustable emissivity.
  • Alarm function, audible and optical.
  • Lockmode for continuous measurements.

Areas of applications:
  • Short response time (< 1 s) and no need to touch the object.
  • Ideal for moving objects (running paper webs, tyres, gears and motors), live parts (electrical components, transformers), non-touchable parts (freshly painted parts), food and corrosive substances.
Technical Data:
Optical resolution:12 : 1
Measuring range:- 33 to + 500 °C
(thermocouple input type K - 64 to + 1370 °C)
Resolution:0.1 °C (above 200 °C 1 °C)
Accuracy:± 2 % or 2 °C which is ever higher (thermocouple input: ± 1 °C or 1 % which is ever higher)
Spectrale response:6 to 14 µm
Working temperature:0 to 50 °C
Battery life:typically 40 h by permanent use
Battery:2 x 1.5 V AAA size
Dimension:175.2 x 39 x 79 mm
Weight:300 g
Infrared Thermometer with Circle Laser SCANTEMP 450  Dostmann
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Infrared thermometer with circle laser SCANTEMP 45015124773-1,206.00Order
Temperature sensor type K, class 115851938-221.00Order
Further sensors (type K) available on request.