Multi-Channel Pump-Heads / Cassettes

Precise dosing and dispensing.

Multi-channel pump-heads
can be combined with pump drives Hei-FLOW Value 01, Hei-FLOW Advantage 01 and Hei-FLOW Precision 01.
  • Increase the throughput by running up to 12 individual cassettes on one single pump drive and pump head system.
  • Separate metering into multiple vessels with different feed rates at the same time by using different tubing dimensions to adjust flow rates.
  • Quick tubing change.
  • Optional: 8 roller pump heads for low pulsation of fluid transfer.
  • Optional: upgrade a single channel pump drive with an adaptor for multi-channel use.
  • Pump head C4: up to 4 cassettes small, 8 rollers.
  • Pump head C8: up to 8 cassettes medium or 4 cassettes large (can be combined), 4 rollers.
  • Pump head C12: up to 12 cassettes small, 8 rollers. With built-in reduction gear, allowing for feeding of smallest quantities.

Multi-channel cassettes:
  • Change of cassettes during operation.
  • Simple adjustment and change of cassettes via clicking in place.
  • Setting screws to adjust roller contact pressure.
  • All cassettes accept different tube materials and sizes.

Cassette small:
  • Flow rates from 0.005 to 37 ml / min.
  • Suitable for tubes with 0.9 mm wall thickness (wt).
  • Tube Ø available: 0.2 / 0.5 / 0.9 / 1.4 and 2.8 mm.
  • Two-Stop-Tubing (40 cm) required to operate cassette small.
  • Stoppers secure tube in place; two stoppers allow dual use of tube.
  • Couplings and tube extensions allow extra hose length in 1 m increments.

Cassette medium:
  • Flow rates from 0.24 to 27 ml / min.
  • Suitable for tubes with 1.6 mm wall thickness (wt).
  • Tube Ø available: 0.8 and 1.7 mm.
  • Tube available in requested sizes.

Cassette large:
  • Flow rates from 1.0 to 364 ml / min.
  • Suitable for tubes with 1.6 mm wall thickness (wt).
  • Tube Ø available: 1.7 / 3.1 / 4.8 and 6.3 mm.
  • Tube available in requested sizes.
Multi-Channel Pump-Heads / Cassettes  Heidolph
TypePUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Multi-channel adapter15829260-2,130.00Order
Multi-channel pump head C415829261-10,726.00Order
Multi-channel pump head C815829262-16,551.00Order
Multi-channel pump head C1215829263-27,022.00Order
Multi-channel pump head Masterflex15431698-on demand 
Cassette large15829264-3,335.00Order
Cassette medium15829265-3,201.00Order