Centrifuge Tubes

With round and conical bottom. Uniform weight. DIN 58 970. With standard ground joint and glass stopper. Made of DURAN® glass.
Rettberg  Centrifuge Tubes
Ø x height
NSBottomPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
916 x 10012.5round1531537516 309.00Order
2324 x 10019round153153802 388.00Order
4534 x 10029round1531538534 450.00Order
7540 x 11534.5round153153901 828.00Order
7544 x 10034.5round1531539229 828.00Order
24056 x 14745round15315395-1,149.00Order
916 x 10012.5conical153153967 324.00Order
2324 x 10019conical15315397100 414.00Order
4534 x 10029conical1531539811 488.00Order
7540 x 11534.5conical1531539920 861.00Order
7544 x 10034.5conical1531540045 861.00Order
24056 x 14745conical1531540122 1,170.00Order