Centrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom

With conical or round bottom. Uniform weight. DIN 58 970. Straight rim. Made of DURAN® glass.
Centrifuge Tubes, Conical Bottom
Ø x height
BottomPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
2524 x 100conical153150401 120.00Order
5034 x 100conical1531504190 183.00Order
8040 x 115conical1531504217 235.00Order
8044 x 100conical153150434 235.00Order
25056 x 147conical1531504446 on demand 
1216 x 100round15315089-32.00Order
2524 x 100round15315090-73.00Order
5034 x 100round15315091-123.00Order
8040 x 115round15315092-154.00Order
8044 x 100round153150939 154.00Order
25056 x 147round15315094-444.00Order