Vivacell 70 / Vivacell 100

Vivacell 70 and Vivacell 100 combine the easy handling of centrifugal units with the flexibility of pressurised ultrafiltration units for volumes of 10 to 70 ml resp. 20 to 100 ml. For convenience the units can be placed in a large capacity centrifuge. For even quicker concentration, in particular for difficult samples, the unit can be pressurised before centrifugation. The vertical, built-in membrane (PES) guarantees minimal membrane fouling and provides rapid sample concentration even with particle-laden solutions. A modified deadstop pocket prevents the cell from running dry.
  • Vivacell 70 with and without 2 x 250 ml filtrate bottles available.
Vivacell 70:
Volume:50 to 70 ml
Max. pressure:5 bar
Max. RCF:1000 x g
Membrane surface:20 cm2
Deadstop volume:150 µl
Vivacell 100:
Volume:90 to 98 ml
Max. pressure:5 bar
Max. RFC:2000 x g
Membrane surface:23.5 cm2
Deadstop volume:350 µl
Vivacell 70 / Vivacell 100  Sartorius
MWCOPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Vivacell 70yes0.2 μm25049735-on demand 
Vivacell 100yes500025049879-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100yes1000025049880-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100yes3000025049881-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100yes5000025049882-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100yes10000025049883-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100yes30000025049884-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100yes100000025049885-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100ys0.2 μm25049886-1,084.00Order
Vivacell 100yes5000105049887-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100yes10000105049888-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100yes30000105049889-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100yes50000105049890-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100yes100000105049891-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100yes300000105049892-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100yes1000000105049893-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100yes0.2 μm105049894-4,874.00Order
Vivacell 100, accessories / Sartorius