GE Healthcare Disposable Filter Holders FP Series

Ready-to-use filter unit, 30 mm, intended for the laboratory use only. Larger filtration area (44 % greater in comparison with 25 mm filter units). Hydrophilic CA membrane. For sterile filtration, clarification or prefiltration of biological liquids, buffer additives and aqueous solutions. - Individually tested. - Pyrogen-free. - Sterile, individually packed.
GE Healthcare Disposable Filter Holders FP Series
Pore size
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
FP 30 / 0.45white rim300.455050499129 1,795.00Order
FP 30 / 0.2red rim300.205050499136 1,795.00Order
FP 30 / 0.2red rim, with threaded sleeve300.20505049917-1,777.00Order
FP 30 / 5.0black rim305.0505428629-1,777.00Order
FP 30 / 5.0green rim300.8509049915-1,777.00Order