Spray Disinfection Meliseptol® New Formula

For selective spray disinfection of small areas and instruments.
  • Ready-to-use alcoholic solution.
  • Effective against bacteria including M. tuberculosis, fungi, enveloped viruses (incl. HBV, HCV, HIV), rota and adeno viruses.
  • Pleasant odour, residue-free drying.
  • Practise-oriented residence time of only 5 minutes.
  • 250 ml bottle for propellent-free spray disinfection of sites dfficult to access. Overhead spraying possible.
B.Braun  Spray Disinfection Meliseptol® New Formula
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Hand spray bottle25015191262-on demand 
Hand spray bottle100015191263-on demand 
Canister5000151912654 on demand 
Spray head for hand spray bottle 1000 ml-15191268-44.00Order
Spray bottle is supplied without spray head. Please order separately.