Dräger Safety 

Half Masks X-plore® 4790

The X-plore® 4790 (conforming to EN 140) is an universal half mask for use with gas, particle and combined filters.
  • Perfect fit on different face sizes and shapes.
  • High quality, skinfriendly materials.
  • Easy to don and remove, no pressure points while wearing, no slipping.
  • High level of reliability due to tight fit (similar to a full face mask).
  • Extensive range of filters (Rd91-size) for varied applications.
Dräger  Half Masks X-plore® 4790
TypePUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
X-plore® 4790, TPE (M / L, standard size)15424456-581.00Order
X-plore® 4790, silicone (M / L, standard size)15005485-673.00Order
X-plore® 4790, silicone (S / M, for smaller face sizes)15005486-673.00Order
Particle filter 674 P2 R55005487-343.00Order
Particle filter 674 P3 R55424457-383.00Order
Gas filter 990 A2554272374 771.00Order
Combination filter 672 A2B2-P355424461-1,179.00Order
Combination filter 672 A2-P355424460-1,052.00Order
Combination filter 672 A1B1E1K1Hg-P3554244621 928.00Order
Multi-use gas filter A1B1E1K155005493-637.00Order
Wide selection of filters available on request!