Electrolyte and Cleaning Solutions for Electrodes

Items supplied with all-in-one kits:
Cleaning solution Pepsin HCl, InLab® storage solution, pH calibration solutions, 3 mol KCl electrolyte, 1 x 250 ml each.
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
KCl 3 mol / l2501504187440 254.00Order
KCl 3 mol / l, sat. with AgCl250150418735 254.00Order
KCl 3 mol / l, sat. with AgCl100015041894-on demand 
Pepsin / HCl250150418984 on demand 
Thiourea solution25015041899-on demand 
Hydrofluoric acid3065041900-on demand 
FRISCOLYT-B®2501504161622 254.00Order
InLab® storage solution for elecrodes25015437151-294.00Order
Pepsin / HCl, cleaner for protein impurities25065437152-on demand 
Thiourea solution, cleaner for AgS impurities25065437153-1,227.00Order
All-in-one kit 1: 4.01 / 7.00 / 9.21065437149-on demand 
All-in-one kit 2: 4.01 / 7.00 / 10.01065437150-on demand