Reaction Vial Racks, Coloured

Made of acrylic. Height 50 mm, for 1.5 ml reaction vials, hygienic, easy to clean, physiologically inert, light version.
Reaction Vial Racks, Coloured  Köhler
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2 x 6orange145 x 5015412076-588.00Order
2 x 6blue145 x 5015412077-588.00Order
2 x 6red145 x 5015412078-588.00Order
2 x 12orange270 x 5015412079-747.00Order
2 x 12blue270 x 5015412080-747.00Order
2 x 12red270 x 5015412081-747.00Order
4 x 12orange270 x 10015412082-1,390.00Order
4 x 12blue270 x 10015412083-1,390.00Order
4 x 12red270 x 10015412084-1,390.00Order