Digital Burettes - Top Buret

  • Continuous, pulse-free dispensing technique for rapid titration.
  • Patented safety valve for deairing without loss of reagent.
  • Voltage supply with long-life primary cells and charging display.
  • Dispensing range from 0.01 to 999.9 ml.
  • Removable electronics unit.
  • Modular, service-friendly construction.
  • Simple calibration program.
  • Discharge tube rotatable by 360°.
  • Adjustable discharge tube, horizontal: 142 to 220 mm, vertical: 10 to 200 mm.
  • Telescopic aspiration tube for automatically setting the length from 210 to 370 mm.
  • Connection for drying tube.

Without bottle.
Digital Burettes - Top Buret  Eppendorf
DescriptionDivisionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Top Buret M2500 μl15863030-10,980.00Order
Top Buret H5000 μl15863031-10,980.00Order
Accessories are available on request.