TeleScoop Samplers

For industry and water treatment. Ideal for sampling from pools, tanks, manholes, surface water. The telescopic rod can be equipped with 4 different snap-on scoops for various applications.
  • Telescopic rods: aluminium, heavy-duty version, with snap-on connection for all scoops. Length steplessly adjustable.
  • Metal beaker: st. steel, with scraper edge. Ideal for powders, granulates, pastes, sludge.
  • Angled beaker: the angle between the telescopic rod and beaker can be adjusted through 90° to adapt it for different applications.
  • Pendulum beaker: irrespective of the rod angle, the beaker always assumes a vertical position so that none of the contents are lost. This makes it suitable for deep and narrow shafts (130 mm Ø). In PP and V2A.
  • Bottle holder: for all bottles up to 88 mm Ø. For safely filling glass, plastic and metal bottles. Angle adjustable through 90°.
  • Surface catch net / depth catch net: for taking solid and organic samples from waters. Mesh width 2 to 5 mm.
Bürkle  TeleScoop Samplers
DescriptionVersionPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Telescopic rodfrom 0.65 to 1.20 m15303800-302.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 0.70 to 1.80 m16373539-511.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 0.95 to 2.80 m19303801-603.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.25 to 2.50 m153038022 386.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.15 to 3.00 m1530380414 603.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.65 to 4.50 m153038059 842.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.75 to 6.00 m15435271-1,033.00Order
Metal beaker, st. steel1000 ml153038151 1,598.00Order
Angled beaker 90°600 ml153038105 577.00Order
Angled beaker 90°1000 ml1530381224 589.00Order
Angled beaker 90°2000 ml15303814-647.00Order
Pendulum beaker, PP500 ml153038202 539.00Order
Pendulum beaker, PP1000 ml1530382211 565.00Order
Pendulum beaker, PP2000 ml15303824-615.00Order
Pendulum beaker, V2A1000 ml15303825-2,088.00Order
Bottle holderup to 88 mm Ø15303830-673.00Order
Surface catch net310 x 280 mm15424023-662.00Order
Depth catch net190 x 430 mm, net depth 250 mm15424024-722.00Order