TeleScoop Samplers

For industry and water treatment. Ideal for sampling from pools, tanks, manholes, surface water. The telescopic rod can be equipped with 4 different snap-on scoops for various applications.
  • Telescopic rods: aluminium, heavy-duty version, with snap-on connection for all scoops. Length steplessly adjustable.
  • Metal beaker: st. steel, with scraper edge. Ideal for powders, granulates, pastes, sludge.
  • Angled beaker: the angle between the telescopic rod and beaker can be adjusted through 90° to adapt it for different applications.
  • Pendulum beaker: irrespective of the rod angle, the beaker always assumes a vertical position so that none of the contents are lost. This makes it suitable for deep and narrow shafts (130 mm Ø). In PP and V2A.
  • Bottle holder: for all bottles up to 88 mm Ø. For safely filling glass, plastic and metal bottles. Angle adjustable through 90°.
  • Surface catch net / depth catch net: for taking solid and organic samples from waters. Mesh width 2 to 5 mm.
Bürkle  TeleScoop Samplers
DescriptionVersionPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Telescopic rodfrom 0.65 to 1.20 m153038001 307.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 0.70 to 1.80 m16373539-520.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 0.95 to 2.80 m193038011 613.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.25 to 2.50 m1530380211 393.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.15 to 3.00 m1530380420 613.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.65 to 4.50 m153038057 856.00Order
Telescopic rodfrom 1.75 to 6.00 m154352711 1,050.00Order
Metal beaker, st. steel1000 ml153038151 1,704.00Order
Angled beaker 90°600 ml153038103 587.00Order
Angled beaker 90°1000 ml1530381220 599.00Order
Angled beaker 90°2000 ml153038142 658.00Order
Pendulum beaker, PP500 ml153038202 548.00Order
Pendulum beaker, PP1000 ml153038225 574.00Order
Pendulum beaker, PP2000 ml15303824-625.00Order
Pendulum beaker, V2A1000 ml153038252 2,122.00Order
Bottle holderup to 88 mm Ø153038301 685.00Order
Surface catch net310 x 280 mm15424023-673.00Order
Depth catch net190 x 430 mm, net depth 250 mm15424024-734.00Order