Barrel Pumps with Discharge Pipe

Barrel pumps made of PP allow a fast transfer of liquids from barrels, canisters and tanks.

The good chemical resistance of PP allows acids, alkalis and aggressive detergents to be transferred.

The low-mounted non-return valve of the barrel pump and the immersion depth that can be steplessly adjusted using the barrel screw joints ensure good removal of residual liquid. The barrel screw joint fastens the barrel's pump securely to the barrel. Barrel screw joints and thread adapters for commercially available containers are available as optional accessories.
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Barrel Pumps with Discharge Pipe  Bürkle
Barrel Pumps with Discharge Pipe  BürkleBarrel Pumps with Discharge Pipe  Bürkle    
ml / stroke
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Barrel pump5020015001329-1,742.00Order
Barrel pump6523015001326-1,742.00Order
Barrel pump8026015001328-1,803.00Order
Barrel pump10030015001330-1,897.00Order
Barrel pump12530016357346-2,290.00Order
Barrel pump15030016342983-2,407.00Order
Further accessories are available on request.
Accessories for barrel pumps with discharge pipe / Bürkle