Samplers for Bulk Goods QuickPicker

The QuickPicker is specially appropriate when bulk goods are withdrawn directly from sacks or bags. The sample is filled directly into the original sample bottles. Easy to handle and to clean. No edges or crevices, no residual sample material.
  • Sampling depth 30 cm, Ø 25 mm.
  • Made of st. steel AISI 316 or PP.
  • Sample bottles made of PELD, transparent.
  • Removable tip, easy to clean.
  • QuickPicker is delivered complete with 2 sample bottles (PELD, 250 ml) and cleaning brush.
Samplers for Bulk Goods QuickPicker  Bürkle
Samplers for Bulk Goods QuickPicker  BürkleSamplers for Bulk Goods QuickPicker  Bürkle    
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
75.00st. steel50.00QuickPicker15303850-2,894.00Order
75.00PP50.00QuickPicker, transparent15303849-1,821.00Order
250.00PELD Sample bottle, 250 ml, wide mouth15303854-25.00Order
250.00PP Sample bottle, 250 ml15303888-28.00Order
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