SERVALight Polaris

Highly sensitive enhanced chemiluminescence kit for the detection of immobilized proteins (Western Blot) or immobilized nucleic acids (Southern and Northern Blot) labeled directly with Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) or indirectly with HRP-labeled antibodies/strepatavidin. The substrate is readily prepared by mixing component A (luminol/enhancer solution) with component B (stabilized peroxide solution) in a one-to-one ratio. · High sensitivity, low pictogram limit of detection · Long light emission for 6 hours · Primary antibody dilution 1:1000 -1:5000 · Secondary antibody dilution 1:20.000 – 1:100.000 · Detection can be done by film or CCD imaging equipment SERVALight is produced by Cyanagen Srl. Cyanagen Srl is subject of US and EU patent application number US7803573; EP1962095; US7855287; EP1950207, together with other equivalent granted patents and patent applications in other countries.
HS number38220000
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