Multi sampler with several closed chambers, for multi point sampling from several predetermined sampling depths.
  • Version made of V4A / PTFE with low weight due to PTFE sample chambers.
  • With colour coding system.

Uno sampler with a closed sample chamber for point sampling from a predetermined sampling depth.
  • Outer tube st. steel V4A (1.4404), sample chamber made of PTFE.
  • With colour coding system.

All-layer sampler with open inner tube, no separate chambers and large sampling volume. For all-layer samples through all the layers of the sample.
  • Corresponds to ISTA standard for seed lengths of 10 mm (wheat, oats) and 5 mm (flax, vetches).

Jumbo sampler are ideal for coarse grains and larger quantities. With an open inner tube and large sampling volume, for all-layer samples through all layers of the sample or with sample chambers separated by PTFE separators for multi point sampling from several predetermined sampling depths.
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Number of
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
550.00 14.0043.0025.003Multi-sampler15303870-2,959.00Order
850.00 17.0071.0025.003Multi-sampler15303872-3,292.00Order
1500.00 17.00135.5025.005Multi-sampler15303874-4,250.00Order
550.00st. steel 1.440414.0043.0025.003Multi-sampler15303845-8,422.00Order
850.00st. steel 1.440417.0071.0025.003Multi-sampler15303846-9,021.00Order
1500.00st. steel 1.440417.00135.5025.005Multi-sampler15303847-11,415.00Order
550.00st. steel 1.440414.0043.0025.003Multi-sampler15303860-5,618.00Order
850.00st. steel 1.440417.0071.0025.003Multi-sampler15303862-6,303.00Order
1500.00st. steel 1.440417.00135.5025.005Multi-sampler15303864-9,204.00Order
550.00st. steel 1.440417.0043.0025.001Uno-sampler15303865-5,727.00Order
850.00st. steel 1.440417.0071.0025.001Uno-sampler15303866-6,416.00Order
1500.00st. steel 1.440417.00135.5025.001Uno-sampler15303867-9,390.00Order
550.00 70.0043.0025.003All-layer sampler15303875-2,602.00Order
850.00 130.0071.0025.003All-layer sampler15303876-2,895.00Order
1500.00 260.00135.5025.005All-layer sampler15303877-3,681.00Order
550.00st. steel 1.440470.0043.0025.003All-layer sampler15424020-7,714.00Order
850.00st. steel 1.4404130.0071.0025.003All-layer sampler15424021-8,895.00Order
1500.00st. steel 1.4404260.00135.5025.005All-layer sampler15424022-10,708.00Order
850.00 880.0085.0050.003Jumbo all layer sampler, open inner tube15303878-5,753.00Order
1500.00 1700.00150.0050.005Jumbo all layer sampler, open inner tube15303879-8,146.00Order
2500.00 2900.00250.0050.007Jumbo all layer sampler, open inner tube15303881-9,200.00Order
850.00 390.0085.0050.003Jumbo multi sampler, closed chambers15423790-8,892.00Order
1500.00 650.00150.0050.005Jumbo multi sampler, closed chambers15423791-10,451.00Order
2500.00 910.00250.0050.007Jumbo multi sampler, closed chambers15423792-12,481.00Order
1000.00no indication  25.000Tube cleaning brush15303884-561.00Order
1000.00no indication  50.000Tube cleaning brush15303885-615.00Order
     0Emptying set, V2A, with 3 funnels15423793-4,947.00Order
     0Emptying funnel separate, V2A15434404-770.00Order
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