Micro Distillation Apparatus

Complete unit, consisting of Vigreux column with vacuum jacket (effective length 150 mm) directly fused on Liebig condenser (jacket length 160 mm) and vacuum receiver, 2 cones size NS 14 / 23, 1 socket size NS 14 / 23, connections with screw-off PP hose connections, evaporator flask 100 ml, distribution spider with 4 receiver flasks each 10 ml, monitoring thermometer 0 ° to + 250 °C, special bath vessel, thick-walled, DURAN®-glass, plane-ground bottom (cap. approx. 600 ml), support material, assembly materials, magnetic stirrer with heater, electronic contact thermometer with PT 1000 sensor (for controlling the bath temperature).
Micro Distillation Apparatus  Rettberg
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